Getting Started

What is PDP?

PayDigitalPay introduces a decentralized alike conceptual platform which has an innovative payment network and a digital wallet token system based on DiTOP model.

What is DITOP?

Digitally Invest, Trade and earn from Outsourcing Programmes.

Who can register?
  • Any one from any country above 18 years of age can register at free of cost.
  • He/She must have a valid and unique Email ID with Mobile No.
  • He/She must have a Unique Telegram account.


How to Register?

Go to the "Join PDP" and fill up the from information to complete the registration process. The registration is absolutely free.

What you get on Free Registration?
  • Self-Joining Bonus of 500 PdP.
  • Referral-Joining Bonus of 250 PdP.
  • Back Office ID.
  • Digital Outsourced Task.
What Currencies are supported in PdP?

All the other currencies’ values are accordingly evaluated with the running index values at that time. For convenience and secured prospects, some primary currencies were adopted such as Ethereum (ETH), Bit Coin (BTC), Tron (TRX) and USD Token (USDT).

How to buy the slot?

After free joining in PdP, you can buy a slot @ $16.5 to become a paid member to avial the paid members benifit.

How to pay to buy a slot?

The 2 type of payment mehtod is there while you are buying a slot.

  • Contact any existing PdP Associate.
  • Pay them the Fee amount and settle the payment through their PdP Wallet.
  • Submit the transaction details from PdP Dashboard.
  • In an hour you will receive payment acknowledgement in your PdP Dashboard.
  • Create/ Use your Crypto Wallet such as Trust Wallet, Tron Wallet, ERC20 Wallet, Coinbase etc.
  • Deposit the amount in your Wallet more than the required Fee i.e. 16.5$ to accommodate the additional Network Fee.
  • Pay from your Wallet to the destination Wallet Address any among TRX/ETH/ BTC/ USDT. Soon after transaction takes place, you will also get deduction notification in your wallet.
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